Shakespeare / Shoreditch: Film Screening

22nd May – 7.30pm


Shoreditch, 1580: rough, edgy, unsparing, and fun. Shoreditch, 1600: expensive, emptying, with its reputation for entertainment on the wane. Sound familiar?

‘Shoreditch: Shakespeare’s Hidden London’ is a feature-length documentary uncovering Shakespeare’s early career in Shoreditch and exploring how the area has been shaped by gentrification then and now. Featuring interviews with Peter Tatchell, Museum of London archaeologists, actors and critics galore.

The film will be introduced with a short talk by Robert Stagg (Lecturer in English at St Anne’s College, Oxford) and followed by a Q&A / panel discussion with Baroness Kingsmill (Labour peer, lawyer, businesswoman) and Sarah Dustagheer (Lecturer in Early Modern Literature at the University of Kent; author of ‘Shakespeare in London’), and (of course) drinks.

Documentary written and presented by Robert Stagg; made/edited by Ju Shardlow (TimeOut), Jordan Klaja (London Film School) and Joanna Beaufoy (Haigo, Paris), and with original music by Eduardo Andrade.

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