My Late Mothers Future Work: Exhibition by Lucy Malone

Wednesday 24th May til Sunday 4th June


This exhibition is the culmination of a Psychosocial research project involving the creation
of an archive; of the documents and objects that my Mother left behind after her death.
The research project examines the relation between memory, maternal loss, and the
belongings that a person leaves behind. Considering the dynamics added when some of
those belongings are a body of artistic work.

Throughout the work, the objects which seemed to evoke the most emotion and to mean
the most to me were the ones which I could not understand. While trying to figure out what
these objects were, I came across a piece of paper, a list, titled; ‘Future work’. All of the
items whose meanings had alluded me were on that list. They were all ‘future/unfinished
art works’ It was a list for her next exhibition, her ‘Future Work’.

I decided to complete that work, to bring that list to life. To honour my mother by using our
connection and my knowledge of her practice to finish these pieces. My late Mother’s
Future Work’ is curated to present this work and to tell the story of my experience of this
process of archiving. Displayed alongside the art-work are excerpts from the
Autoethnography I created during the project as well as samples from the archive.

The exhibition explores the connection of the maternal and is at once a memorial and also
a creation. It is at once a celebration of a life of art and a marking of a life lost suddenly.

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