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Tomartacus Exhibition

Tom and Jess Jones-Berney are a brother and sister design duo based in East London, running under the moniker of Tomartacus. With Jess taking photographs of the pairs’ favourite spots in London, Tom sketches them using a Wacom tablet, resulting in a unique brand of hand drawn digital prints.

They mainly create London art because it’s an unendingly interesting city, where inspiration is infinite. The contrast of the modern world up against the city’s big historical stalwarts creates incredible panoramas. We like to think our art is a bit of fun for the eyes, a slightly wobbly look at the world, with some added colour if you would want it.

Running from the 6th December until 14th January – Tomartacus’s unique vision of London and beyound will be on display for all to see!

I’m Never Going To Agree! – Truth x Cuban Documentary Shorts

“I’m Never Going To Agree!” screams one filmmaker to another, slamming the door on the way out, and then avoiding conversation with their co-directorial team for the next 24 hours.

It’s summertime 2017 and 23 documentary filmmakers from all over the world have descended upon the renowned EICTV Film School in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. They’re there to test the fetishised notion of a picture-postcard country marooned in time and explore their subjective perspectives on the complexities of the contemporary Cuban experience. And fueled by rum-enhanced everything, daily electrical storms that have the capacity to contort the mind, and mosquitos the size of baby pigeons, tensions are understandably running high.

With just one month in which to develop, pitch, shoot, and edit ideas. And with relationships with local Cuban producers, camera operators, sound recordists, editors, and translators to marry into the sweaty silverscreen jamboree, this screening evening of short Cuban docs shot on location in Havana is as much about the intersectionality of hastily-formed relationships on the other side of the world as it is about the didactic exposition of a Cuban reality.

So come join for the creative treatment of planned-economied Caribbean actuality, and stay for the canal side rum-based drinks at the incredible Archivist Gallery.

+ Photography Exhibit // Pop-Up Bar // Free Entry

Album of the Month – Be Here Now


And when I say completely, I mean completely. What started with a four piece simple exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Be Here Now has now grown into more than 12 amazingly beautiful and intimate photographs of oasis by photographer Michael Spencer Jones who not only photographed the band for years but also got to see more behind the scenes events with the band than you can imagine. The story behind every single picture is the most beautiful part and we cannot wait to share them all with you! read more…

My Year in Small Drawings Launch

My Year in Small Drawings is a charmingly original visual diary which encourages you to create and collect the details all around you every day. Exploring the extraordinary in the ordinary, this meaningful artifact builds up dozens of dinky drawings for a uniquely personal record.

Author Matilda Tristram invites doodlers and designers alike to experience the irresistible immediacy of drawing small. Tangles of cables, window frames, tree buds, all just some of the objects she suggests we can learn to see in a new way, exploring their simple (and sometimes surprising beauty) by drawing them.

Expert insights on how to simplify what we see; which pens and pencils to use; colour; and using perspective are mixed with astute observations to form a creative guide to cherish.

We’re proud to be hosting the launch of this delightful new book on Thursday 17th August from 7pm. Come along grab a copy, chat to Matilda and get inspired!

Trans Like Me Launch Party

Thursday 25th May
7:30 pm
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CN Lester takes the reader through the most pressing questions in the transgender debate, combined with a charged personal narrative of what it means to be a transgender person today. Trans Like Me shows us how we are all defined by ideas of gender, whether we live our lives as he, she or they, and how we can strive for authenticity in a world which often seeks to limit us by way of labels. Busting the myths around medical intervention on young children; challenging the mainstream media’s ‘trans moment’; honestly relaying what it’s like to grow up transgender, this book is ultimately about the liberation of feeling at home in one’s skin.

To celebrate the publication of Trans Like Me, CN Lester, Virago Press and the Archivist are hosting a literary and musical launch event and invite you to join. The event will include readings and discussion from Trans Like Me, interspersed with music from CN. CN will also be available to sign copies of both Trans Like Me and their new album.

In Trans Like Me, CN Lester takes the reader through the most pressing questions in the transgender debate, combined with a charged personal narrative of what it means to be a transgender person today. Trans Like Me shows us how we are all defined by ideas of gender, whether we live our lives as he, she or they, and how we can strive for authenticity in a world which often seeks to limit us by way of labels. Busting the myths around medical intervention on young children; challenging the mainstream media’s ‘trans moment’; honestly relaying what it’s like to grow up transgender, this book is ultimately about the liberation of feeling at home in one’s skin.

‘This personal, powerful and yet humble human testimony makes a vital contribution to a debate that has too often contained more heat than light. I challenge anyone not to have both heart and mind a little more open after reading this book.’ Shami Chakrabarti


‘Lester is a writer for our times – a moving, learned and essential voice at the razor edge of gender politics. Their work has been inspirational to me for many years. Lester writes with the compassionate authority of a person not just wise beyond their years, but beyond the age they were born into.’ Laurie Penny


‘CN Lester breaks down the myths and misconceptions about trans people and politics with clarity and calm. An important, timely book.’ Juliet Jacques


CN Lester is an academic, musician, and leading UK trans activist. Lester is an educator and consultant to organisations such as Channel 4, the BBC, the Huffington Post, and to universities and unions across the country. They have written for the Independent, New Internationalist and the New Statesman, and performed at the Barbican, Tate Modern and Southbank Centre. Lester co-founded the first ever national UK group for young LGBT people.





Centre for Investigative Journalism: Virtual Reality PopUp Studio

Join the Centre for Investigative Reporting for the launch of their virtual reality pop-up studio from April 24-29!

This six-day event aims to introduce the public to groundbreaking virtual reality and 360-degree video technologies and demonstrate their uses for storytelling. Local universities, media organizations and other businesses will participate and host demonstrations throughout the week.

The pop-up studio is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and will be and we’ll be hosting a series of networking events from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The shop is open to the public and free to attend. Come by and say hello!

Funzing: Insights of a War Crime Investigator

Tues 18th Oct // 7pm


Jonathan Tait-Harris has been there and done that..  with humour and style, usually in a hostile land and under fire. Jonathan will illustrate and highlight the value of face-to-face communication in the 21st century, referring to his own personal experience – from being an army officer in armed conflicts and a detective for the British police to investigating war crimes, first for the UN in the Balkans and later as an adviser for the US and Iraqi governments.

Despite having been face to face both with Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali, and having dug up a lot of mass graves in Kosovo, Jonathan amuses and moves audiences with the lessons he learned around the world from many dramatic and improbable, yet all too human encounters.

His knowledge of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa is extensive and he is regularly called upon to advise and comment to the media, governments and NGOs. Jonathan also works with International Location Safety, which helps NGOs, journalists and professional travellers to stay alive by training them how to handle situations and threats in the world’s most dangerous places.

In Conversation with iO Tillett Wright

In Conversation with iO TILLETT WRIGHT
– author of ‘Darling Days’


Date: Tuesday 11th October  / Doors 7pm for 7.30pm start. BUY TICKETS


A bold and brilliant New York memoir of an unfettered childhood in the Lower East Side of the 1980s. Photographer, writer, film maker, activist and actor iO Tillett Wright talks to The Archivists artist in residence Sarah Kosar about iO’s new book. Sarah will be in conversation with iO on the 11th October at The Archivist – Tickets are £6 and available to buy here.
(Please note this is a BYOB Event)




“Gender-defying iO Tillett Wright mixes such a high-octane cocktail of radiant ink, wild anecdotes, bad behavior, and gritty truths-topped off with an unexpected tonic of transcendence-it could stagger Charles Dickens, electrify Maxim Gorky, and cause Jane Austen to walk around in army boots.” — Tom Robbins



Born into the beautiful bedlam of downtown New York in the eighties, iO Tillett Wright came of age at the intersection of punk, poverty, heroin, and art. This was a world of self-invented characters, glamorous superstars, and strung-out sufferers, ground zero of drag and performance art. Still, no personality was more vibrant and formidable than iO’s mother’s. Rhonna, a showgirl and young widow, was a mercurial, erratic glamazon. She was iO’s fiercest defender and only authority in a world with few boundaries and even fewer indicators of normal life. At the center of Darling Days is the remarkable relationship between a fiery kid and a domineering ma—a bond defined by freedom and control, excess and sacrifice; by heartbreaking deprivation, agonizing rupture, and, ultimately, forgiveness.

iO gave an 18 minute speech at TEDxWomen at the United States Institute of Peace, in Washington DC. The talk discusses the issue of boxes, and human beings existing outside of the dangerous binaries that society tries to put them in.







Album of the Month September 2016 – The Division Bell

PINK FLOYD – The Division Bell

This month we celebrate the all things Pink Floyd with a special exhibition feature on ‘The Division Bell’with a selection of images from the legendary Storm Thorgerson.

The Division Bell was the fourteenth studio album by Pink Floyd. Produced a few years after the fall of the Eastern Bloc, the album deals with themes of communication and the idea that talking can solve many of life’s problems. The album’s title, a reference to the British parliament’s practice of ringing a bell to call for a vote, was suggested to the group by author Douglas Adams.

And of course the album cover was designed by Storm Thorgerson. Storm was an early friend of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour, for whom he designed many album covers, including the iconic sleeve for The Dark Side Of The Moon. The graphic art group Hipgnosis (co-founded by Storm with Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell) became one of the most famed design and photographic teams in music, with covers for many other internationally successful artists, including Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Wishbone Ash, 10cc, Black Sabbath, Wings, Peter Gabriel, and Yes.

Division Bell Prints are available to buy on our Gallery Website

Homegrown Magazine Launch

From 1977 until 1982 Lee Harris started and edited Britain’s first counter culture and drug magazine. HomeGrown was a breakthrough magazine that represented a defining moment in British underground culture. Lee was reporting on the psychedelic experience and HomeGrown magazine was one of the few publications to support Operation Julie defendants and included articles and illustrations from Timothy Leary, Michael Hollingshead, Harry Shapiro, Brian Barritt, Mick Farren, Bryan Talbot, Julie Burchill, Peter Tosh and Tony Parsons.
‘Now, HomeGrown is back, digitised and available for all in the 21st century’! – Lee Harris