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Ronnie & Reggie – £8.5

The fearsome reputation that the Kray twins garnered as they ran roughshod over East London was bellied by their celebrity. It is a juxtaposition that created this delightfully odd marriage of Drambuie, Pimms No1, Lemon and bitters.

The Mad House Keeper – £8.5

The East End of London was home to many asylums, housed in the large Victorian houses around where TPA now stands. This drink is a take on the concoctions used by the nurses to mask the medicine they fed to the inmates. It contains Alipus San Juan Mezcal, Kahlua, Star Anise, half & half. A great twist on the White Russian.

Three Bolsheviks – £8.5

Three Russian Marxist Social Democratic Labour Party members walk into a pub, not only a classic joke setup but also a historic local meeting that inspired this drink. Sweet vermouth infused with spiced chai tea stirred down with Makers Mark and Campari. Elegant yet punchy.

The Rights Of Man – £8.5

In the style of the grand conversational enclaves that TPA is emulating, Thomas Paine’s revolutionary book would have germinated. Cognac, Benedictine, Honey and Lemon combine to create a beverage that echoes these traditions.

The Regents Britches – £8.5

George IV was seen as louche, rakish and self-indulgent. This drink certainly imitates these more libidinous qualities, Damson Vodka, Cocchi Americano, Bulldog Gin are all stirred down with rosemary. These go down easily.

Halley’s Gimlet · £8.50

Halley’s Gimlet – £8.5

Edmond Halley was born here in Haggerston and his eponymous comet is next scheduled to appear in 2061, time for you to have a couple of this twisted classic. Bulldog gin, Crème de Poire, walnut bitters and lemon juice. A cosmic beverage.