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Exhibition: Jane Smith – Londonscapes. 27th Oct – 19th Nov

We’re so happy to announce our Jane Smith Exhibition!

LONDONSCAPES – Buildings and Cityscapes
Prints and Drawings by Jane Smith
Fri 27 Oct – Sun 19 Nov
Private View Thurs 26 Oct  7pm
Closing Party – Sun 19 Nov 3pm – RSVP

Linocut Workshops with the Artist  
Sun 5 & Sun 12 Nov   2-5pm*
*Linocut Workshops are two separate events, not a two session course. Max 10 people per class.

About Jane
Jane Smith is a freelance illustrator based in Dalston, where she loves it! And draws masses of inspiration from her surroundings. Jane’s art reflects the changes of Hackney from a “Crack Alley” to a rich mans backyard and we feel her art really reflects the old and the new, with house prices skyrocketing, Ridley Road Market has become a hipster hotbed of coffee shops and galleries nestled in between the fruit and veg that the locals know and love.

Her work spreading across drawings in her sketchbook, being refined later, and printmaking mainly through lino cut. As well as working for a number of high-end clients, with names on her list like Time Out, The Museum of London, Ted Baker and The BBC, it’s no surprise that people are always looking for her work.

London Sketchbook Festival. 21st – 30th Sept

LSF is a live experience highlighting local and international projects from creative individuals and studios. We create the ideal showcasing environment and invite creatives from various backgrounds to bring their ideas to life. Creating an advanced exhibition of illustration, concept and digital art, architecture, sound and moving image. With a primary focus on narrative, process, and information.

The LSF 2017 Pop Up Shop + Exhibition: 21 – 30 September
Private View – 21 September – 6:30PM – 10PM (Free Entry – RSVP)

Twitter: @LDNSKETCHBOOK | @alboae
Instagram: @londonsketchbook | @alboae

Exhibition: Czech Honey

Czech Honey

Alice Masters
Jan Karpíšek
Daniela Mikulášková

Exhibition of Czech contemporary fine art: a nature focused documentary film, paintings created together with honeybees and canvases embroided with colour thread.

11-16 Sept 2017 // 10am-7pm

Private View / Monday 11th Sept 2017 // 7pm
Performance: David Helán (CZ)
Electronic Meditation Session
with Zentric Bau (UK)

My Late Mothers Future Work: Exhibition by Lucy Malone

Wednesday 24th May til Sunday 4th June


This exhibition is the culmination of a Psychosocial research project involving the creation
of an archive; of the documents and objects that my Mother left behind after her death.
The research project examines the relation between memory, maternal loss, and the
belongings that a person leaves behind. Considering the dynamics added when some of
those belongings are a body of artistic work.

Throughout the work, the objects which seemed to evoke the most emotion and to mean
the most to me were the ones which I could not understand. While trying to figure out what
these objects were, I came across a piece of paper, a list, titled; ‘Future work’. All of the
items whose meanings had alluded me were on that list. They were all ‘future/unfinished
art works’ It was a list for her next exhibition, her ‘Future Work’.

I decided to complete that work, to bring that list to life. To honour my mother by using our
connection and my knowledge of her practice to finish these pieces. My late Mother’s
Future Work’ is curated to present this work and to tell the story of my experience of this
process of archiving. Displayed alongside the art-work are excerpts from the
Autoethnography I created during the project as well as samples from the archive.

The exhibition explores the connection of the maternal and is at once a memorial and also
a creation. It is at once a celebration of a life of art and a marking of a life lost suddenly.

Exhibition: The Greatest Sneakers of All Time

An exhibition created in search and celebration of the 25 greatest sneakers of all time. As voted for by an international poll of the general public & industry experts.

Dates: 26th January – 10th February 2017
Time: Everyday 10-6pm
Where: The Archivist’s Gallery, Unit V Reliance Wharf, N1 5ET

Curated by leading international sneaker expert, Neal Heard, the exhibition will be both a history and an homage – revealing the secret stories behind the creation of the most iconic sneakers ever made; providing a fascinating narrative of the integral role they played within key sporting & cultural movements throughout the 20th & 21st century; and even offering a glimpse into the psychological hinterland of the cult of sneaker obsession.

Featuring a 3,000-year timeline, G.O.A.T Sneakers identifies the earliest known iterations of the shoe before chronicling its evolution across the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries – along the way charting the many infamous controversies & scandals (such as the debate around who first invented vulcanised rubber; the origin of the term ‘sneaker’; the trainer-versus-sneaker question) as well as the extraordinary stories surrounding the creation of the most iconic brands and designs over the years and how they were variously appropriated by successive generations of cultural tribes around the world.

Exploring the obsessive devotion inspired by sneakers, the exhibition will also offer a look ‘Inside The Mind of a Sneakerhead’ in the form of a hidden installation featuring the highlights of the renowned collections of two sneaker obsessives, Brooksy and Kish Kash.

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Helen Duane Exhibition

Helen Duane brings her first solo exhibition to the Archivist, with a specifically produced selection of work inspired by prominent and beautiful places in her life. From her cottage home in Suffolk to the views she has seen on her travels through life, these pastel landscapes are breathtaking, made only more so by the delicate nature of the materials and their application

Beginning on the 21st, (and sadly coming to a close on the 27th) you are hereby invited to explore the scenery and with the private view on the 24th you will also have the chance to speak to the artist herself and discuss different interpretations of the paintings and your own memories of important places – with the added benefit of the artist being open to recreating these scenes for you on a commission basis!

The Collection


Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd January 2016

9am -10pm


An immersive exhibition celebrating the lives and loves of some the UK’s greatest collectors

Swedish retailer IKEA is opening a new gallery exhibition, ‘The Collection’, showcasing some of the most intriguing and unusual collections from across the nation, beautifully styled by IKEA storage gurus.

Celebrating the “Joy of Storage” as a means to presenting and preserving the treasures the nation holds dear, the exhibition includes collectors of toy soldiers, retro fashion, magazines and Spice Girls memorabilia all housed and styled in the IKEA product that best showcases it to the world.

Elevating storage from the functional to the joyful, ‘The Collection’ is IKEA’s first foray into the world of exhibitions, seeking to show how possible it is to raise these minutiae of the heart into art that decorates every room in the house.Collectors_4 Collectors_18d Collectors_1 Collectors_22 Collectors_25a Collectors_31 Collectors_32 Collectors_37 Collectors_44 Collectors_48



The Other Side of Nowhere


Alice looking down hole by Paul Skellett - All rights reservedThe Other Side of Nowhere

by Paul Skellett

An Exhibition celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Lewis Carroll Masterpiece illustrated by John Tenniel

Alice in Wonderland

From Tuesday 16th November, come and explore The Other Side of Nowhere as Paul Skellett has drawn it.

This unique exhibition is part of the international celebration of Alice in Wonderland 150th anniversary. Inspired by the original illustrations of Sir John Tenniel, Paul Skellet’s artworks recreate the atmosphere of the book and will take you down the Rabbit-hole.

Wonderland Scene by Paul Skellett - All rights reserved

Join us at The Proud Archivist Gallery for an exceptional ten weeks Exhibition.

Let us know about your visit on Eventbrite. Entrance is free.

The DoDo and Alice by Skellett

The featured illustrations are courtesy of Paul Skellett © 2015