About Us

Situated on Regent’s Canal near Haggerston Overground Station, The Proud Archivist is a combined gallery, bar, restaurant, cafe and events space, serving fabulous food and drink in a beautiful setting.

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The Event Space at The Proud Archivist

The Proud Archivist is built around an engaging and versatile concept – designed and programmed to echo, emulate and revive the traditions of London’s grand 17th & 18th century coffee houses.

Bringing together a simple café / bistro offering alongside & within a gallery / library aesthetic – and overlaid with a diverse fringe cultural and community programming, we want to reflect and represent the interests and passions of the people who make up our area.

View from the staircase at The Proud Archivist (c) Luke HayesA home of conversation, conviviality and stimulation, we want to  become a thriving cultural & entertainment hub at the heart of the community.

Open 7 days a week, we want to feed you, drink you (hang on, that doesn’t sound right…), entertain you and educate you with our food, drink, exhibitions and events. From comedy to history, politics to sport, we’re pretty much interested in everything and will be programming events which reflect that.

Alongside this, our regular program of exhibitions will showcase some of the most interesting and exciting art around, whilst our kitchen serves modern British cuisine guided by principles of seasonality and sustainability.

We think we’re a lovely venue, and we hope you do too. Come and check us out for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or for a drink, or a show, or to take a look at some pictures, or even just to look at the swans. We can’t wait to see you.

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